Kim Foster Acupuncture



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I was referred to Kim Foster more than 3 years ago. I have been a practicing dentist for 30+ years and developed right hand and arm weakness and numbness as well as trigger thumb. It was recommended by my hand surgeon that I have carpal tunnel and trigger thumb surgery. I decided to pursue acupuncture treatment with Kim in hopes of avoiding hand surgery with the potential risks involved. In just the first visit my trigger thumb was cured and has never returned.

I have continued under Kim's care and feel great and have never had any hand surgeries and continue to practice in the profession I love. I developed some signs of plantar fasciaitis over a year ago and mentioned it during a routine visit and she treated it and it has never returned. Kim is a skilled and compassionate therapist and I trust her completely and highly recommend her.

Diabetic and Acute Ankle Sprain

I am a 2nd generation acupuncturist with years of osteopathy experience. I have received treatments from quite number of healers of various modalities over the years, and Kim Foster is clearly a top-notch healer with expertise in not only acupuncture, but also tuina and energy healing.

Within the first treatment, she was able to diagnose and treat my constitution that matched perfectly with my father's diagnosis, and traumas that I had collected over the years. Her acupuncture and energy healing skills were superb; I could feel my blockages in my stomach melting away, and energy flowing in my left leg, which is a phenomenon most practitioners rarely attain.

She then treated me with tuina massage for my orthopedic issues, including ridding of the pain in my sprained ankle immediately. As if these were not enough, she did bloodletting on my shoulder, which changed the tissue quality and offered nutrition advice based on my blood type.

It is not easy to attain deep lever of healing skills in any one modality, and Kim seems to have mastered multiple, a sign of a healer who has had compassion for patients and curiosity in different aspects of the human body for a long time. I would happily drive for hours across states to see Kim, a one stop shop for health. I have deep professional respect for Kim Foster.