Kim Foster Acupuncture


What is Acupuncture, Tuina & Energy Healing?

There are multiple root causes to chronic or acute pain. It may be purely physical such as an accumulation of adhesions or inflammation. It may emotional in origin: too much worry, anger, grief, or feelings of overwhelm imbalancing or damaging certain organs. People may create energetic blockages with repetitive thought patterns or by not acknowledging a trauma and storing it away in the body. Eastern medicine and other traditional practices has the potential to clear most if not all of these issues so that the body can return to homeostasis. We then use nutrition, exercise and supplementation to keep the body strong and the immune system ready to protect it. The treatments below provide an overview of the services that may be included in your treatment. 



The acupuncture needles we use are the size of a couple hairs. Some people feel a pinch some people feel nothing. The way acupuncture works is multi-factoral. It relaxes the central nervous system. It moves fluids within the fascia - the network of connective tissue that wraps the tendons, muscles and bones. It relaxes the muscles and tendons surrounding organs thereby increasing circulation of oxygen and blood throughout the body which leads to an increased state of relaxation. 




Tuina (twee-nah) means massage in China. There are many types of Tuina. I practice a medical Tuina from the hospitals in Shanghai. Tuina is often paired with Acupuncture in China because of its clinical effectiveness. This manual therapy helps to break up adhesions, connective tissue that is stuck together, and allows new blood, fluids and oxygen to move through the tissue. This accelerates the healing system so the body can return to a state of peace and balance. 

Energy Healing


Energy work is a non physical healing modality. It assists in moving dense or stuck energy out of the tissues so it returns to a more organized state of alignment. Not only does energy affect the physical but also the emotional, and spiritual aspects of the body. I use a combination of techniques of traditional and non traditional healing and intuition. We also often use various stones in energy work due to their unique properties of helping the body return to a state of alignment. 

Kim always knows what to do to help with whatever problem I am having that week. Her calming personality makes every visit relaxing.
— MM