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Nutritional Support & Supplements

“It is the choice of foods by each individual person today, that will determine their physical condition tomorrow”
- Dr.Royal Lee - Founder of Standard Process

In the Boston clinic we treat many people who live and work in the city. People take public transportation, participate in repetitive motions like sitting and standing all day as well as eating processed food that is quick and convenient. People do not have the time to shop or prepare nutrient dense foods that are crucial to the functioning of vital organs. When the body does not receive proper nutrition it begins to break down and conditions such as auto immune disease, chronic pain and frequent colds and flu. Acupuncture, Whole Food Therapy and Supplementation will nourish the vital organs and help the body return to its optimal health. 


I work exclusively with Standard Process. These are medical grade nutrition with the highest grade ingredients grown on the SP organic farm in Wisconsin. The goal of supplementation  is to provide nutrients for the body that are as close as possible to how they are found in nature. These nutrients are easily digested and utilized by the body unlike supplements produced in a lab which often take more energy to digest than they provide to the body. 

Standard Process Company places great pride in providing ongoing training for their practitioners. I routinely participate in classes which allows me to bring the highest quality diagnostic tools to the table.


The Nutritional therapy we practice is based on eating whole foods blended with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Nutrition plays a vital part in treating and healing both chronic and acute orthopedic conditions and internal disorders. Certain foods such as wheat, dairy, white sugar, corn, and nightshades may inflame soft tissue. When the body is inflamed, its as if you are creating a distraction and misdirecting energy the body needs to heal the condition. I will often recommend a non inflammatory diet during your treatment so that you will see optimal result in the shortest amount of time. 



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