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Before & After Treatment

Information for New Patients including medical intake forms and cancellation policy.


New Patients


Important points for before and after your first visit.

Before Your Treatment

After Your Treatment

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment so you can be on the treatment table at your appointment time. I cannot accomodate clients that are more than 15 minutes late. You will need to reschedule. 

*Please ring buzzer that says Kim Foster Acupuncture, when you come into building, go to directly up the stairs or take the elevator to the second floor. The first floor is a private office, not a reception area, please refrain from asking directions*

Bring work out type shorts and a camisole type top.

If you plan on working out before your appointment please drink plenty of water and have had either a meal or snack. 

Please DO NOT WORKOUT after your appointment so that you can give your body time to integrate the treatment. 

Eat a meal with protein and lots of veggies, drink plenty of water.

For the best results it is recommended that people decrease all inflammatory type foods, beverages and substances. These include dairy, gluten, refined (white sugar), soy, corn, night shade plants and alcohol. Increase servings of vegetables especially leafy greens and water intake. 

Please DO NOT WORKOUT after your appointment so that you can give your body time to integrate the treatment. Gentle stretching is okay.

If you are sore from the Tuina, take an Epsom salt bath, use a Chinese Herbal ligament or a CBD cream. You may experience soreness for several days following your treatment. This is normal since we are breaking down the adhesion’s in the soft tissue. 

Call or text the office with any questions or concerns following your treatment.


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